Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Since Last Week

Between Tuesday with the girls and my sew in weekend there are lots of pictures. This scrappy is the only one that is mine.

Scrappy Trip for Sierra June 2013

This last one is the left overs from a quilt a few posts back. Now you know what my friends and I are up to. Lots of finishing going on.

If anyone knows where I can purchase the pineapple paper piecing papers for the 12" block I would appreciate the info. 

Off to my Tuesday group. Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Retreat Fun

The fun you can have is absolutely endless. Retreats are my favorite. Sewing, visiting and meals are shared with good friends and so much is accomplished.

Lighting  June 2013

I learned how to make bias binding and bound my Lighting quilt. It is 48" across to give you an idea of how big it is. I did this a few years back from a Cheryl Phillips pattern using her ruler. 

June Retreat up North - 2013

 This was only the beginning!

Tiny Boxy Zipper Bags - 2013
Getting some zipper bags ready for my Etsy store. These are the tiny lipstick size.

Hexagon Quilt June 2013

Here is my hexagon quilt that I had to learn to do Y seams for. I only have three more rows to add and it will be ready for quilting. I look at all my sewing and wonder if I will ever tone it down and do something mellow or sweet.

Lilah June 2013

This is not the best picture of my new friend but the others where you can see her eyes were zombie like. Her eyes were bright lime green! I need to learn to 'touch up' pictures along with dozens of other things on my list.

Dishcloths June 2013

And when I get tired of sewing or just need a break I knit dishcloths! Fun, colorful, easy, relaxing and useful.

Until next time, quilt happy