Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the Road Again

I am so glad to be in my sewing room for long stretches of time instead of just a few minutes here and there. I'm not getting near as many books read, but that's a good thing. I feel great!
I signed up to do the Bloggers BOM organized by Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works. I had it on my calendar that the first block would be available yesterday so I was excited to get started. If you don't know about this quilt along, go check it out here. You have a whole month to get the first block finished. This morning I picked out my fabric and I just finished the block. I have to say I was very pleased with the results.

Bloggers BOM September 

I am also doing another project that has taken a lot of my time that I vowed NOT to do. I saw a lot of my blogger friends were doing it and I told myself I was not going to start it. Well, guess who started the Farmers Wife? I am doing it in my brights so they will be different than most. A few friends and I get together twice a month to do Farmers Wife. I have found that if I get the fabrics picked out at home and put them in the sleeve all I have to do when we meet is cut, sew, visit and eat, of course.

Farmers Wife 9/2011

With my blue bag in hand along with my sewing machine I am ready.I only have about 5 blocks finished so after tonight I should have plenty for a post. Stay tuned for Farmers wife, Thangles, and itty bitty half square triangles.

Until next time, happy sewing. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Now I am worried about this fabric scaring the girls or being too busy for them to sleep on. Do they turn into real monsters in the dark? They will be three in November.

Close up of girls pillowcase

If you have any thoughts on these questions I would appreciate your input.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pillowcases Got Me Going

This recovery has been way too slow for me. I needed something I could do and finish quickly. I think that's called instant gratification. 

I haven't seen the twins in about six weeks and that is the longest I have been away from them since they were born. I want to take them something I made, and pillowcases came to mind. I have had this fabric since they were little and hope it isn't too 'young' for them. They are still under three so this should be good. I was so excited to make these, and I had forgotten how easy they are, I think I see a lot of different pillowcases in their future! I'm not usually into holiday prints but I am now on a mission so I will keep my eyes open for happy Halloween fabric.

Pillowcases for the twins. 9/2011
Miranda's favorite color is pink and Sophie's favorite is green. They are alike, but they aren't, just like the girls.

Floralicious fabric line pillowcase  9/2011
This one I made for me just because I LOVE this fabric.

With a 3 day sewing retreat coming up next weekend I need to work up to sewing all day so I won't wuss out and have to come home early. A friend made up a kit so I don't have to worry about having enough fabric cut to sew on for three days. We'll see how well I do. Happy to be back into my sewing world with lots of ideas in my head.

Thanks to all those that sent their positive healing thoughts my way. A person can never have too many friends wishing them the best. Now on with life!

Until next time, happy sewing.