Saturday, July 23, 2011

Modern Block of the Month - July

Sew, Mama, Sew just started the Modern Block of the Month (BOM) quilt along with Alissa Height Carlton. It will be a very interesting adventure for me because I have a hard time with blocks coming out the proper size unless there is 'trimming' at the end. Like a half square triangle is trimmed after sewing. You can choose to make a whole quilt out of the block shown or make a quilt out of all twelve blocks at the end of the year. Allowing a whole month to do the block is very adequate for me to get it done. Modern Block of the Month posts on flickr will fill up with all the different blocks that the members make. Check it out. It should be great fun and easy with only a block a month. Glad to have my BOM done before my down time starts. Looking forward to seeing the block for August.

I finished my Kona solids challenge but I haven't quilted it yet. I guess I will have to wait until next month to take it to the Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I will show you a picture of it though. I know it is dark but I will have to figure that out later. I'm going to have to work on the photographing of my projects.

I figured out how to do a pillowcase type method, so now I can quilt it and not finish it in the traditional method using binding. I have never made bias binding and I really didn't want to start now! The other method will be just fine. I like this piece but it is totally different than my original idea. Once I started in one direction I had to work with what I had since there were no more color pieces. I have enjoyed working with solids and will do more of it in the future.

Until next time, happy sewing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh No, Hexies!

I am going to be having a lot of down time in my near future. I am caught up on my yo-yo's so I decided that I should pull out my hexies and continue that journey. I had made 70, and for a project of any size I have a long way to go. I put them in another big jug just like the yo-yo's. The yo-yo jug is full and this one is about a half an inch in the bottom. I made another 50 or so last night.

I might as well do something fun in my down time. Between hexies and yo-yo's, I will be productive.

Until next time, happy sewing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Much Done

The only thing I have made any progress on is additional yo-yo's to my pile. My husband and I went to California to deal with some issues. I made 9 yo-yo's before we stopped for lunch and when I looked for the bag with my finished yo-yo's it was gone. After searching the entire car I figured they fell out of the door compartment where I had stashed the bag. Luckily, I had more fabric of those I lost so I used it to make more to feel better about the ones that were gone. Someone picked up some colorful 'circles' I hope they enjoy. I only got 45 made in the 8 hours of our trip. 

Yo-yo's July 2011 - 602

I thought I would only be able to get 500 in this jug but maybe I can get 700! 

This week I am going to try and finish my Kona challenge, that I am very excited about and the quilting on the Jolt 52" circular piece. This project is a big one.

My sewing time is a little sketchy for the near future but try to hang in there with me and I will return.

Until then, happy sewing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Needed A Change

A couple of days ago I could feel the quilt tops pile getting bigger and bigger. My Dad bought me a Juki last year so I figured I would oil that baby up and jump right in. The last time I tried to use it the tension wasn't right, so I have been a little reluctant to jump back in again. Yesterday when I sat down to test the tension it was beautiful. I decided to quilt my Jolt banner piece that I started 3 years ago. I am still working on it but I have a question. 

Question  When quilting a piece like this, do I use a rust colored and purple thread in areas that aren't black and white? 

I don't have very much experience quilting but it sure is fun when the tension is right. I am also working on the Kona solids challenge due this month at the MQG meeting. I need to make a final decision for my Block Party block too since I've already lost a month. Lots to do and plenty of time to do it in. Back to the Juki.

Any ideas on the quilting thread would be helpful.

Happy sewing, quilting or whatever you're doing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KIP (Kaleidoscope in Progress)

It wasn't as difficult to sew the blocks together as I thought. There were only a couple that were a bit off. I have not worked with bias cut fabrics that much and next time I think I will starch my fabric before I cut it. Besides handling, the fabric stretches when it is ironed not PRESSED. Overall I was very pleased with the way it turned out. 

Posting these pictures has really helped me see the things that need to change (the blue block) before I get them all sewn together. It didn't work this time because I made last minute changes and didn't photograph it before I began sewing. The things you learn through this process. Learning and having fun, what a concept!

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts is having a quilt along starting Monday so go on over and check it out. It's for her birthday, so join in.

Until next time, happy sewing.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh No, More Yo-yo's!

I just finished 40 more yo-yo's for my yo-yo quilt along. Thanks to Penny at sewtakeahike for hosting a QAL. I couldn't believe it when I found out other people love these odd little circles too! And enough to do a quilt along. I'm sure you can join in if you feel so inclined to give it a try, or add to the bag you already started years ago. You have until October to get them all done.Yo-yo's are great fabric therapy as long as you don't stress over how many you make.

I started sewing my Kaleidoscope squares together but the old "now I know what it's going to look like it's time to start the next project" syndrome set in. 
I can't believe some people are doing 6 quilt along projects at one time! I thought 2 was plenty for now.

Photo by Hattie Wilcox

Sparky is sitting in one of the cubbies that was empty when I moved into my new sewing rooms. Of course he has to be right in the middle of everything when I am cutting or sewing. I was making yo-yo's earlier and I use a TV table for my fabric and supplies while making them. He jumps on the table and proceeds to lay down knocking over whatever he has to in order to fit. He's a small cat but not that small! Meow.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Until next time, happy sewing.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Think I've Got It

I have been working so hard sewing these blocks together I forgot to post pictures! After a few changes I think this is the final placement of blocks. That star in the center just started happening so I ran with it and I thought it came out rather nice.

I think if I did another one of these quilts I would include a lot more fabrics. I found myself running into the same fabric at every turn. I have over a dozen different ones but when there are two on each square that cuts it down to six. 

I no longer have a fear of templates as long as they are the thick acrylic ones! I don't seem to do well with the ones you cut out of the plastic sheets. Being exact is not my strong suit. Plus they are hard to cut accurately.

I didn't seem to have too much trouble with the seams of the blocks. I hope putting the blocks together is as trouble free as the blocks were. All the blocks don't seem to be created equal! We shall see.

Thanks again Elizabeth for including me in your Kaleidoscope QAL . I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's quilt. 

Until next time, happy sewing everyone.