Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Much Done

The only thing I have made any progress on is additional yo-yo's to my pile. My husband and I went to California to deal with some issues. I made 9 yo-yo's before we stopped for lunch and when I looked for the bag with my finished yo-yo's it was gone. After searching the entire car I figured they fell out of the door compartment where I had stashed the bag. Luckily, I had more fabric of those I lost so I used it to make more to feel better about the ones that were gone. Someone picked up some colorful 'circles' I hope they enjoy. I only got 45 made in the 8 hours of our trip. 

Yo-yo's July 2011 - 602

I thought I would only be able to get 500 in this jug but maybe I can get 700! 

This week I am going to try and finish my Kona challenge, that I am very excited about and the quilting on the Jolt 52" circular piece. This project is a big one.

My sewing time is a little sketchy for the near future but try to hang in there with me and I will return.

Until then, happy sewing.


Amy said...

Wow, you are really moving on these! Holy cow! I guess I need an 8 hour car trip but I imagine it would be full of screaming kids, no yo yo progress!

Anne said...

I am making yo-yos too, but I only have 220 made! i do, however, have a 6 hour car trip in my future! Keep up the good work.