Tuesday, March 20, 2012

H2H Challenge

On another note. I think I have a duffle bag thing! This one is a lot shorter than my last one and the directions seem to be a lot easier. The pattern doesn't call for a handle but I may put one on.

Duffle Bag March  2012

Duffle Bag  March 2012

Detail Duffle Bag  March 2012

My first time at making bias binding. There has got to be an easier way to make that stuff!

Better get to work on those quilts and the many other quilts I have on my plate right now. May will be here before I know it. One quilt will be from my stash.

Until next time, happy quilting!   

Friday, March 16, 2012

Surprise in the Mail

Look what arrived in the mail today! They came from my friend from Portland that came in January to make duffle bags. She made these placemats for me and I LOVE them. They will look great on my dinning room table. Thank you so much Lynne.

Place mats from Lynne  March 2012

I met a new blogger today from Texas. Go check out her blog. She is new at blogging but I'd say she has got the hang of it. I love her quilts. She already has her reservation for Quiltcon!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Again

This was the first Hawaii trip since 2006 we experienced rain. It didn't prevent or change any plans though. We had one sunny afternoon out at Ko' Olina that I was able to capture with the camera.

Ko'Olina Feb. 2012

Wouldn't you know on the first morning there the fire alarm would go off and we were on the 11th floor and had to take the stairs to the first floor. I was right in there and by the time we got all the way down they said all was clear, no fire was found. That was nothing compared to the 6.7 earthquake we experienced our first year in 2006 on the 17th floor! I was younger then and 17 flights of stairs was much easier.

On with the fun stuff. We made chickens! Chicken pin cushions.

Baby chickens Feb. 2012

My friend Shar from Kailua came to Ko'Olina hauling 2 sewing machines, stuff to make chicken pin cushions and a 5 pound sweet potato haupia pie with a macadamia nut pie crust. We had great fun and ate well too!

I also made Shar one of the boxy bags.

Boxy bag for Shar Feb. 2012

After our week at Ko'Olina we were off to the shores near Haleiwa to stay in the beach house. We stayed in the cottage while Auntie, Uncle and cousins stayed in the main house. Husband was helping replace the shower in the main house and since it was still raining Shar and I set our sewing up in the cottage. 

Baby quilt march 2012
She made a baby quilt for a friend and a Big boxy bag!

Big boxy bag March 2012
Like I said, it was raining and chilly. Poor Shar was cold, so she had on her sweatshirt and socks, in Hawaii I remind you!

Shar and her bag.  March 2012
It was beautiful even though it rained for a week. 

Beach House Cottage  March 2012

Looking left out the bedroom window in the cottage.

Any animals that are around my house for three days get a name. I had a Madagascar Day gecko on the ceiling of the bedroom every night when I went to sleep, so I named her Maddie. I don't know where she went during the day.

Maddie @ the Beach House Cottage  2012

The pink spots on her back make her easy to identify from the other local gecko's. Some nights she had all her little feet tucked up under her.The ceiling fan was on and I think she was cold.

Just one more thing. While sitting on the porch with Jay, our cousin who is a sea captain, he spotted the most amazing thing. A moonbow. It is a rainbow in the sky at night made by the reflection of the moon not the sun. It was there for a long time and went from colorful to white and back again. In all his years on the oceans he has only seen 4 in the past so it was a really special treat for all of us.

BTW if there is anyone out there in blogland that wants to buy a house in Hawaii contact Diane Chavez and you can find her here.