Thursday, January 19, 2012

Duffle Bag

I just dropped my friend off at the airport for her journey back to Portland. We shared a lot of laughs, sewing, talking about old times and lots of new ones. She came armed with a pattern of which I would have never attempted on my own. It is in the Urban Sacs book by Sue Spargo. It was a challenge but we got them done.

Duffel Bags 1/19/12

Can you guess which one is mine???

Duffel 1/19/12

Lynne holding both of our bags and 'working'.

We put 'leather' on the bottom so there are no worries what you set your duffel on.

Last but not least I had to add the bling. I do live in Las Vegas.

Glass beads left over from my beading days.

I almost forgot the lining. There are so many layers of batting in it and it's so soft and thick nothing will be harmed while being transported in this bag. Thank you Lynne for kneeling on the cool deck and pounding the grommets in on the concrete.

With all the sewing gigs I am attending I can fill this up with project materials, throw it over my shoulder and be hands free to pull my other supplies that are on wheels.

Now it's time to cut fabric for my weekend project for my in town retreat starting tomorrow!

Thanks Lynne for the fun week. Happy sewing.


Cola said...

Those are huge! I couldn't tell the size from the first picture at all! :)

Wannaplaydollys said...

I am want to make this duffel bag, but Sue Spargo Urban Sacs book is out of print.
Any chance you can help me with the pattern?