Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday with the Girls

Today was a very productive day. Completed my Wild Child quilt and worked the rest of the day on my Dancing Stars. The rate the paper pieced Dancing Stars blocks are coming together it will be 2020 before I am able to complete 300 blocks!

Wild Child March 2013

This was a totally random quilt and I had fun making it. First time doing hourglass blocks. All fabrics used are from my stash!

Detail Wild Child March 2013

Squares are 3.5 inches finished that started out 5 inches square.

I thought I had this on a post already but when I looked for it I couldn't finid it. A very good friend made this for me for giving her scraps to make a snowball quilt. I could hardly believe it. I absolutely LOVE it!

Tree from Cyndi March 2013

It is square but I wasn't! Check out the quilting. She used my scraps in this piece. Scraps never looked so good. The purple thin border is a hand dyed fabric she made in a class.

Tree detail March 2013

Until next time, quilt happy!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mud Puddles

Yes, there are mud puddles outside today which is very unusual for Las Vegas. It has been raining all day. It is also the first word that came to mind when I saw this as my next post.

Today's Sewing March 2013

I quilted the cubbie art yesterday but I put the binding on and will sew it tonight. I finished most of the 144 blocks I need for my hourglass quilt. I think I will put black sashing in between the blocks. It might look like chaos if I don't. I have never made one of these. Any suggestions out there so it won't be pure chaos? No worries, the cubbie art is not going in the chaos quilt. I just have no room to work because my room is a mess. 

14" X 14" cubbie art & hourglass blocks

I didn't get my 20 minutes of sun today due to the rain but I accomplished quite a bit on the sewing machine.

Quilt happy.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday with the Girls

I worked a long time yesterday on my sewing projects but I never took out my sewing machine! I did get one of the girls to sew a couple of seams towards the end of the evening because I saw a hourglass quilt and wanted to try it out. I made my first quarter square triangle blocks! Well, she and I made it.

First quarter square triangles  March 2013

They are so fun. It is just like Christmas when you open them up and the points meet! I have found a few more fabrics I am going to add to give me more placement options. I can also see this quilt in my bright scraps.

Going to our sewing group and not taking out my machine, what a concept. One of the other girls does it regularly! At least she comes and has a great time visiting. I go back on Thursday so no worries, I will get my sewing done. 

Bernie is sick, cracked her hook so there is no sewing on her until she gets a new one. Juki is at the store because she hates to be loaded in and out of the trunk more than once a week. Sometime she doesn't mind twice a week but three times, she just won't tolerate it.

I continue to work on my PhD (projects half done) so you should too!