Friday, March 8, 2013

Mud Puddles

Yes, there are mud puddles outside today which is very unusual for Las Vegas. It has been raining all day. It is also the first word that came to mind when I saw this as my next post.

Today's Sewing March 2013

I quilted the cubbie art yesterday but I put the binding on and will sew it tonight. I finished most of the 144 blocks I need for my hourglass quilt. I think I will put black sashing in between the blocks. It might look like chaos if I don't. I have never made one of these. Any suggestions out there so it won't be pure chaos? No worries, the cubbie art is not going in the chaos quilt. I just have no room to work because my room is a mess. 

14" X 14" cubbie art & hourglass blocks

I didn't get my 20 minutes of sun today due to the rain but I accomplished quite a bit on the sewing machine.

Quilt happy.


Zany Quilter said... hourglass blocks look great. Definitely test out the look of some sashing to break it up...maybe some colored thread when you quilt it?? It always looks nice on black...variegated??

Carol Swift said...

It really was quite a rain storm on my side of town...loved it! Those fabrics in your hourglass blocks are beautiful. Black sashing would really show them off.

felicity said...

I am loving your cheerful hourglass blocks!

jan said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you decide to do. I have a vintage hourglass quilt that does not have sashing and I think yours might be interesting without any. I have a hard time envisioning thingsnwithout seeing it. That is what design walls are for!