Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Ones!

I promise! We leave tomorrow so there won't be any more little boxy bags. The large white one is the size of a big loaf of bread and the little lime ones are the size of the mini loaf. The mini ones I did the same size as the pattern calls for but did the gussets 3.5" instead of 2". I have had all kinds of fun with this pattern.

Boxy Bags  Feb. 2012

Check out the pattern here. These are quick and fun to make. I need to order more zippers.

Aloha for now. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Back

...and so are the bags! I have always liked the boxy little bags people were making but I never found a pattern that had enough pictures (those of you that know me know the problems I have with patterns!) until today. I did alter it a little, the way I installed the zipper and adding some zigzag around the edges before I turned it inside out but that was all. Here is where I found the pattern.

Here is the second one I made. The one with the red zipper.

Boxy Bag  Feb.2012

The first one I made was the one with the white zipper. I was so excited, as I was turning it inside out, that the ends came out square and when I tried to zip it up I found I had put the zipper in upside down!!! That's about as far as I could zip it up from the outside.

First Boxy Bags  Feb. 2012

Won't make the zipper mistake again. Well not on this project anyway. I really like the size of the small one. Too bad it doesn't close.

Happy days full of aloha spirit ahead. Don't forget your fabric therapy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marimekko Bags

Can you believe more zipper bags? Is this what they call OCD? After my journal failure I guess I'm sticking to something I know. I'm getting pretty good at these zippers. 

I found this Marimekko fabric and even though it is a thicker, home dec fabric I knew I would figure out something to make with it. These are big and sturdy measuring 10"x11". I didn't have two dark purple zippers but the lighter one works. That blue/purple color is very different. Not like anything I have on my shelves.

Zipper Bags  Feb. 2012

The lime circles are different, so unless you waste lots of fabric they don't match up.

Zipper Bags  Feb. 2012

These were going to be a matching set to be sold but I put the zippers in backwards so now I have a matching set! Yes, they are pink with lime bees and lime zippers. The large one is 7"x10" and the small one is 5"x7".

It was a colorful day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Zipper Pouches

This fabric came in the mail and by nightfall I had these two bags made. I needed another zipper bag to take on my trip so now I have a choice.

The back of both of these is like the top piece all over.

Zipper Pouches  Feb. 2012

Today I started making a journal cover using a foundation piece and scraps. It was the way I wanted it so I I put the batt in and finished it. The last step was sewing around the edges so I was pleased after spending the entire day it was going to be finished. The front and back cover of the book would not fit inside the sleeves. It seems every other one doesn't fit! The extra added foundation piece means two extra layers of fabric in the sleeve areas. So I tried to turn it into another zipper pouch. Way too many layers.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Finished Mine Too!!!

I was deciding what projects to take on the MQG sewing retreat and came across these pieces I had put together more than a year ago. There were 11 of us so I decided to offer a retreat challenge. I wrapped each one in a small paper envelope with names on them and handed them out. The only instructions were to do with them whatever you like. Someone started working on theirs and got the ball rolling. We were all trying to do something different and checking our scraps for parts and pieces. I finally finished mine. Check the others here and here.

Retreat Challenge 2012

I love journal covers and since no one else did that, I figured I would. There is even some quilting using white thread that you can see in person but barely in the photo. I know, it's not like me to use a simple white thread!

Getting ready for Hawaii!!

Keep up your fabric therapy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick and Easy

Here is one of my instant gratification projects. I love these bags and anyone I have ever given one to seem to find it useful. This is made from Sheryl Kahn's Fire Within fabric.

Zipper Bag   Feb. 2012 

This is for someone that loves my raw edge drunkards path quilt I made many years ago. I found these leftovers and made them into a potholder for her.

Pot Holder from raw edge drunkards path leftovers
Feb.  2012

Check this quilt out on my Flickr stream. This was way before I blogged so the picture isn't great but you get the idea. Once this is washed all the edges of the circles fray and get very soft. 

I have been working on another project but I can't share it with you until after our modern quilt guild meeting at the end of March.

Fabric therapy is the best. You should see the mess in my sewing rooms!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Picnic Play Quilt

My retreat quilt has been finished since Tuesday.The clouds and wind have been around or the Husband has not been home to hold the quilt while I photograph it. 

I had so much fun making this quilt. I have never bought fabric and a week later the quilt is made. I bought the fabric with the Picnic Play quilt in mind. That is another thing I have never done. Buy fabric with a quilt in mind. Not!

Feb. 2012 

These are not my usual colors and the change was nice. For the next retreat I think having everything cut prior to the weekend would be a good plan.

The pattern is in this issue. It is rare that I find a magazine that has more than one quilt that I am interested in. This one has three!

The Husband and I are on our way to Hawaii next Saturday for two weeks. I have been trying to figure out what to take for hand sewing. I have been working on a few instant gratification projects since I am already going through withdrawals from my fabric therapy. 

Until next time ... happy sewing.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Retreat Report

Our MQG retreat was a success and tons of fun was had by all. I could not have been with a nicer group of women. Sewing with other women is so nourishing to the soul. It is fabric therapy to the max! The house we rented was like something out of a storybook. Check it out here

The 'theater' side of the basement.

That is a TV screen on the wall of one side of the basement 'playroom'. The other half of the group was lined up behind the couch and the other side of the pool table. There were also 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen down there. 

My retreat project.  2012

I tried working on the girls quilts but the blocks were such a mess, meaning the blocks I needed weren't there and the ones I had, I had way too many of.  Instead of crying in my soup (well, I did a little bit of that) I put that project away and brought out one that I hadn't started yet. It will take me a day or so to finish it and I will post a picture when I do. I now understand a little bit more about reading patterns and actually understanding them thanks to the help I got over the weekend.

Hope your week is filled with fun sewing projects.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pick Up Sticks Top Finished

This quilt was too big for my design wall so thanks to Husband and no thanks to the slight breeze, I got the best picture I could at the time. I love the border. The black lines seemed to be too stark and in your face until I added the border. It helped pull everything together. I don't usually do borders but this one sure worked.

Pick Up Sticks   Feb. 2012

I'm getting packed up for our Modern Quilt Guild retreat in Utah. So excited for our first annual event. 

Happy quilting!