Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Back

...and so are the bags! I have always liked the boxy little bags people were making but I never found a pattern that had enough pictures (those of you that know me know the problems I have with patterns!) until today. I did alter it a little, the way I installed the zipper and adding some zigzag around the edges before I turned it inside out but that was all. Here is where I found the pattern.

Here is the second one I made. The one with the red zipper.

Boxy Bag  Feb.2012

The first one I made was the one with the white zipper. I was so excited, as I was turning it inside out, that the ends came out square and when I tried to zip it up I found I had put the zipper in upside down!!! That's about as far as I could zip it up from the outside.

First Boxy Bags  Feb. 2012

Won't make the zipper mistake again. Well not on this project anyway. I really like the size of the small one. Too bad it doesn't close.

Happy days full of aloha spirit ahead. Don't forget your fabric therapy!


Zany Quilter said...

Sharon, I love those bags!! What is that is awesome!

Hattie Wilcox said...

I like these boxy bags, too. The fabric is hypnotic, intoxicating and dynamic, pumping life into whatever form and shape into which it is sewn. Bravo.