Monday, February 13, 2012

Retreat Report

Our MQG retreat was a success and tons of fun was had by all. I could not have been with a nicer group of women. Sewing with other women is so nourishing to the soul. It is fabric therapy to the max! The house we rented was like something out of a storybook. Check it out here

The 'theater' side of the basement.

That is a TV screen on the wall of one side of the basement 'playroom'. The other half of the group was lined up behind the couch and the other side of the pool table. There were also 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen down there. 

My retreat project.  2012

I tried working on the girls quilts but the blocks were such a mess, meaning the blocks I needed weren't there and the ones I had, I had way too many of.  Instead of crying in my soup (well, I did a little bit of that) I put that project away and brought out one that I hadn't started yet. It will take me a day or so to finish it and I will post a picture when I do. I now understand a little bit more about reading patterns and actually understanding them thanks to the help I got over the weekend.

Hope your week is filled with fun sewing projects.

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