Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Zipper Pouches

This fabric came in the mail and by nightfall I had these two bags made. I needed another zipper bag to take on my trip so now I have a choice.

The back of both of these is like the top piece all over.

Zipper Pouches  Feb. 2012

Today I started making a journal cover using a foundation piece and scraps. It was the way I wanted it so I I put the batt in and finished it. The last step was sewing around the edges so I was pleased after spending the entire day it was going to be finished. The front and back cover of the book would not fit inside the sleeves. It seems every other one doesn't fit! The extra added foundation piece means two extra layers of fabric in the sleeve areas. So I tried to turn it into another zipper pouch. Way too many layers.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Zany Quilter said...

Those are very nice zippered pouches....good job!! Sorry about the journal cover... ;-( Win a few, lose a few!!

g.a.s. said...

That fabric is amazing would inspire any one to make something.