Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marimekko Bags

Can you believe more zipper bags? Is this what they call OCD? After my journal failure I guess I'm sticking to something I know. I'm getting pretty good at these zippers. 

I found this Marimekko fabric and even though it is a thicker, home dec fabric I knew I would figure out something to make with it. These are big and sturdy measuring 10"x11". I didn't have two dark purple zippers but the lighter one works. That blue/purple color is very different. Not like anything I have on my shelves.

Zipper Bags  Feb. 2012

The lime circles are different, so unless you waste lots of fabric they don't match up.

Zipper Bags  Feb. 2012

These were going to be a matching set to be sold but I put the zippers in backwards so now I have a matching set! Yes, they are pink with lime bees and lime zippers. The large one is 7"x10" and the small one is 5"x7".

It was a colorful day.

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Hattie said...

The Marimekko is fantastic because it must be matched. I think the matching is worth the waste, but if anyone could figure out a way to make it wonderful without matching, you could, and I'm sure you will.