Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Back...

I returned yesterday after a two week cat sitting/sewing retreat at my Dad's house in California while he went to see his friend in Florida. Carolyn went with me so I wouldn't get lonely. There is just no easy way to say this... but we had a BLAST! Sammy, the cat was friendly after a few days and loved us by the end. The adventures of an indoor cat is a story in itself. Our adventures were even more fun. Sewing all day every day for two weeks, it's amazing what you can accomplish.

Night Project  September 2013

Lucky for me we don't have cable TV. I became addicted to the show ID on the Oxygen channel. True murder stories. They were kind of scary but interesting. Lots of hexies were made during those hours.

Dad's - September 2013

Just one of my piles of projects. I did a lot of binding at night in front of the TV. Cut and sew on the machine in the day time hours, hand sewing at night.

Carolyn"s quilt  - September 2013

This is Carolyn's Christmas quilt she worked on.

Carolyn's Christmas wall hanging.  September 2013

Carolyn had part of this done before we arrived. She did the blanket stitching, all the gingerbread men squares and the tree with ornaments. It still needs the borders added.

Mouse Blankets

Another of Carolyn's projects. Miniature wall hangings by Mouse Blankets. The buttons are included with the pattern. All you have to have is the fabrics. So cute.

Leftovers  September 2013

Here are the projects using the leftovers cut off the quilt that I made while in California. I will post the quilt later. Did you notice the hexies are made out of the same fabrics as these?

Project Bags  September 2013

Some of these bags were made but needed the binding. Two of them were made of new fabric obtained from nearby quilt stores! 

Busy Bee Quilt Shop

Speaking of quilt stores. When I travel I have to check out any close and not so close quilt stores. This is one of the two we went to. We could have gone to one a day for the entire 14 days if we wanted to hit them all.

Zipper Bags  September 2013

Carolyn made two cool bags on our trip. She requested matching zipper bags. Here are the two I made out of the scraps from each one. We were both pleased with the results.

Zipper bag back
The back is even cool!

Carolyn's bag  September 2013

This bag of Carolyn's has 3 zippers and at least a dozen pockets. I think it is called a Professional Bag.The pattern is not the easiest to understand so that is where the saying, "two heads are better then one" comes in. Carolyn has it down to a science now.

Sammy - September 2013

We could find Sammy sleeping on the guest bed during the day while we were there. She is about 13 pounds and her hair is usually longer but she was shaved some time back to help with the fur balls on her back. She is a Turkish Van so she's not a lap cat that loves to be groomed. Too bad, as her fur is beautiful. She does love the water though.


Her nightly routine in her own master bath sink.

Sammy - September 2013

This is Sammy's nightly routine to wash her face and get a cool drink of water. She loves the water on her head, face and legs! She doesn't seem to worry about the other end!


This post is long enough! Thanks to Carolyn for making the trip with me. It was much more fun than being there with just Sammy. 

Happy Sewing!