Monday, November 11, 2013

After Hawaii

I know I haven't done a post forever but life has been busy. Hawaii for two weeks, came home sick and our local Shop Hop was held this past weekend. I now work Sundays and Monday mornings. Our sew and dine is still on Tuesdays and maybe on Fridays. Life is good! 

Hexie quilt

Getting help from my son on how to place my flower and leaf sections. Planning your quilt edges can be a challenge if you aren't doing a traditional layout.

Quilt edges???

Too much green. I do like the green around the flowers though. I have more flowers done now so I will re-evaluate how to complete the edges. These are so addicting!

Hawaii beach house 2013

My daughter-in-law and me sitting in our usual spots on the porch. She read numerous books and I made flower sections.

Beach house 2013

My work area on the porch with an unbelievable view. Oh so productive!

Sitting on the porch, doing my hexies, watching the waves has got to be the most relaxing vacation ever. Those little dots out there are surfers.

The gang in Hawaii 2013

Having the family all together was great. They were coming and going just like when they were kids but with cars, surfboards and paddle boards. 

Hawaii 2013

Our last day there it rained and we saw a double rainbow. I have never seen one before so that was a bitter sweet departure for me even though I was sick and ready to be home.