Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday with the Girls

It has been some time since I posted, but it doesn't mean I have not been busy sewing. Life takes time. I had a birthday in there too! I hit a milestone this year and I'm very glad I did. The alternative doesn't sound like any fun. Haven't I heard somewhere 60 is the new 40? It will be a great year, so won't you tag along and celebrate it with me?

I have been to numerous Tuesday with the Girls and one 3 day sew-in. Here is some of what has been produced in the past 20 days.

Vinyl bags August 2012

Joyce had no idea what she started when she gave me a vinyl bag she made! Here are some of the ones I have finished. The small ones on the right are 12" squares and others are 15" square. I love them! Carolyn commissioned a 20" one so that is made and gone. They can be used for projects, cosmetics, kids cars, doll clothes and the list goes on. I have some in progress for the many short people in my life. I could go on about these forever because they are so fun to make but I must move on.

Credit card size purse. August 2012

This is a Valori Wells pattern called Little Wallet that I was shown how to do on Sunday. It is so small and so cute. Credit cards fit in the sections to give you an idea of just how small it is. A true instant gratification project.

Valori Wells Little Wallet pattern.

There are three sections to this little purse. You would never know it because the circles match up so well, but that really is two different fabrics. It was an accident, trust me! Great pattern and fun to make.

My project bag!

Now lets talk about what I accomplished yesterday. Here is the only thing I worked on for 10 hours. I didn't finish up any of the vinyl bags I took in, or start any new ones with the fabrics I took in. I always want to be ready in case I want to change what project I'm working on. Hauling all those bags into the store and out again keeps me strong! Back to the 10 hours...

Two for One  August 2013

For lack of a better name I will call this Two for One. I started the on point quilt out of the off set large squares and will use the pieces I cut off from underneath for a zigzag mini quilt. Cutting and trimming every piece took the whole day and you feel like you haven't made any progress. It's no where near ready to sew together. This will be one of those ongoing projects that will get put down and picked up again and again. 

I get such a thrill out of the bags I make because I can finish them in what feels like record time compared to the work for ten hours and take home only a hand full of ready to sew pieces. Not complaining mind you, but I think I will start something with BIG pieces! 

I will be off to California to babysit my dads cat Sammy for awhile with no way to do a post. I will have lots to show when I return because guess what I will be doing while away, you've got it! 

Until next time, have a happy...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday With the Girls

I worked for the last three days but today I had fun sewing with the Tuesday Girls, plus one! Yes, my niece is back with me as her cousin has to work. I finished and delivered a play mat to a friend for her grand babies. I quilted it myself on my Juki with red thread and lots of lines. She loves it.

Play Mat August 2013

Back of play mat

My niece wanted to make a boxy bag for herself and a friend. Hers are the ones on the left and mine is the turquoise one. Surprised? The tiny one is there just to show size. That one is mine too!

Boxy Bags  August 2013

We arrived at the store this morning later than usual because we had a hard time getting ourselves going, the car loaded, drinks together etc. I found this wonderful project bag laying on my table with my thread inside. I absolutely LOVE it! All I did was loan a friend some thread. The colors are me and I heard Vic had something to do with the fabric choice. You are such a good fabric picker outer! Thank you Joyce. What a treasure. Is there anything else you want to borrow?!!!

Project bag from Joyce

What a fun day... until next time, have a happy!