Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday With the Girls

I worked for the last three days but today I had fun sewing with the Tuesday Girls, plus one! Yes, my niece is back with me as her cousin has to work. I finished and delivered a play mat to a friend for her grand babies. I quilted it myself on my Juki with red thread and lots of lines. She loves it.

Play Mat August 2013

Back of play mat

My niece wanted to make a boxy bag for herself and a friend. Hers are the ones on the left and mine is the turquoise one. Surprised? The tiny one is there just to show size. That one is mine too!

Boxy Bags  August 2013

We arrived at the store this morning later than usual because we had a hard time getting ourselves going, the car loaded, drinks together etc. I found this wonderful project bag laying on my table with my thread inside. I absolutely LOVE it! All I did was loan a friend some thread. The colors are me and I heard Vic had something to do with the fabric choice. You are such a good fabric picker outer! Thank you Joyce. What a treasure. Is there anything else you want to borrow?!!!

Project bag from Joyce

What a fun day... until next time, have a happy! 


Zany Quilter said...

Your playmat turned out great! And I really like Ella's boxy bags--she is very crafty. I have the pattern directions for the zippered pouch...very cute! Joyce said she'll give you pointers on Tues...bring some fabric and she can help you make the first one!!

jan said...

Trying to catch up on some blog visiting, today. What fun to have your niece to sew with! I have bought seeing machines for a couple of nieces, but we have never had a chance to sew together!