Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Niece Visit

I have a guest on my blog today that is very special to me. She has been coming to visit me every year for four years. She made a quilt out of fabrics from my stash when she was 12. I cut the blocks for her, given her age, she organized them where she wanted them and proceeded to sew them in rows herself. After she picked the border I put it on, quilted and bound it in time for her to take it home. This girl's got talent!

Ella's 1st quilt  2009

The next year she learned to make yo-yo's which have never been brought up again! The last two years she has come alone without her mom. Boy, do we have fun!

Ella and her journal  2012

Ella 2013

Hi! I am excited to be a "guest blogger" for my aunt today! My name is Ella and I visit my aunt and other family in Las Vegas every summer from San Diego. Every year when I come to visit, my aunt helps me with a project that I work on during my stay. My first project was my quilt (as seen above), I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it come together in about one week! I still get lots of use from that quilt. This year I have already finished 11 earbud cases for my friends and I also plan on making two boxy bags before I leave! 

Earbud cases  July 2013

Hope you're having a great week, I am!

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Zany Quilter said...

Ella, those earbud cases are adorable! Your sense of color is awesome....It was great meeting you at Fabric Boutique the other day! Enjoy the rest of your stay...see you next year!