Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday with the Girls

I worked a long time yesterday on my sewing projects but I never took out my sewing machine! I did get one of the girls to sew a couple of seams towards the end of the evening because I saw a hourglass quilt and wanted to try it out. I made my first quarter square triangle blocks! Well, she and I made it.

First quarter square triangles  March 2013

They are so fun. It is just like Christmas when you open them up and the points meet! I have found a few more fabrics I am going to add to give me more placement options. I can also see this quilt in my bright scraps.

Going to our sewing group and not taking out my machine, what a concept. One of the other girls does it regularly! At least she comes and has a great time visiting. I go back on Thursday so no worries, I will get my sewing done. 

Bernie is sick, cracked her hook so there is no sewing on her until she gets a new one. Juki is at the store because she hates to be loaded in and out of the trunk more than once a week. Sometime she doesn't mind twice a week but three times, she just won't tolerate it.

I continue to work on my PhD (projects half done) so you should too!


Zany Quilter said...

I like those hourglass units...the black and white makes it pop! Good luck making a million of those!! ;-)

jan said...

Hahaha! PhD is too funny!

Love the blocks!