Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh No, Granny Squares!

I went to my Farmers Wife group last night but I did not work on my Farmers Wife blocks. I was naughty and started a new project that I had cut with my friends Accuquilt Studio over the Christmas holidays. Lots of women in our group have finished or are working on this and I caught the bug.

Granny Square       Jan. 2012

Yes, it's the granny square! Not your typical granny square though. I made two last night so this will be an ongoing project. The second one took me about 2 hours. I hope to finish 30. The background is the black and white so it should be fun. My fabric therapy is coming along very well. 

It is amazing when you cut the fabric but don't start the project until a month later. It seems like the cutting (which is my least favorite part) was done by someone else! The Accuquilt cutting system really cuts down on cutting time.

Happy sewing!


Janine said...

Love your granny square - now I'm really tempted to start cutting up squares!

Staci said...

Fabulous, Sharon! I love this block!