Friday, October 4, 2013

Fly Away

I'm off again, Hawaii here we come! This trip includes all the kids, which we haven't done in years. I'm so excited. One week at the Ko'Olina time share from my ever so generous brother-in-law and one week at the beach house on the North Shore. Check out this beautiful spot that has been in my extended family since the 1930's. We are only checking one suitcase between the two of us so lucky we have laundry facilities at both places! I'm taking my hexies and will put together a kit I can put in my carry on. Using one of my new project bags will be fun.I know what my priorities are!

Part of Hawaii sewing kit.  October 2013

I can already picture sitting on the porch at the beach house doing my hand work listening to the waves and catching glances of the turtles coming close to shore to eat the algae off the reef. Enough dreaming, I better get packed. Tomorrow morning will come before I know it. I will return with tons of pictures from my latest Hawaii adventure.

I will be selling the remainder of my Mini duffle bags on eBay after I return, so stay tuned.

Until next time Happy Quilting! 

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