Friday, December 30, 2011

My Pillow

Here is the pillow I received from Jan last night at our meeting. She does not quilt so she does her infamous hand stitching. It is so beautiful and these photos don't do it justice but I did my best.

MQG pillow from Jan 2011

All the pillows were so inspiring. The difference in everyone's ideas and executions were amazing.

MQG  mt pillow from Jan detail
Thanks again Jan, I love it.

I was checking some of the blogs I follow and ran across this quilters poem. It is worth checking it out.

I'm finding that other quilt bloggers are reviewing their 2011 accomplishments. Well I'm not going to do that, maybe next year. I have to learn how to do the mosaic photos first. I call my projects finished when the top is done. It really isn't until it has been quilted but since Mike retired early I'm going to have to get a job to pay to have them quilted. Until then I just stack them up!

See you next year!

1 comment:

Cola said...

I agree - Jan is a hand stitching pro :) I do not have any patience!

(side note: just google mosiac photo maker :))