Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summer Sewing

My niece was here for a few weeks this summer and was a lot of help in getting the girl twins quilts going. She loves to use the rotary cutter! She was very good at trimming the corners off. That's why that quilt seem to go together so fast. She drew the lines, I was busy sewing and she trimmed. Now I remember! 

Nicole & Monica's pieces   Aug.2012
I will be working on the binding today. Will post photos when they are both done. Finished binding one of the boy twins quilts. 

Ella's Journal  Aug. 2012

I made her a journal cover that fit the first time. I usually have to make two as the first is always too small. If I only knew what I did different! She has a great eye for color and chose her fabrics from my stash.

Ella and her journal  Aug. 2012

I think she loves it! We always have such a great time in the sewing room. She walked into my fabric room and said it always makes her so happy to see all the colors. That's my kind of girl! She is working on her yo yo stash too! Could it be possible that she will be anything like her Auntie?

Aug. 2012

Love the toes! My new favorite color. Yes, it was August and she is under a blanket! She had to share the couch by day with Sparky the cat who sleeps under the quilt at night.

Aug. 2012
Just to let you know I was not sitting around eating bon bons since my July post! Ongoing projects for when I get bored or need a change. The hexagons are my night sewing projects that I do while watching TV with Husband. Recently I have been working on bindings for all the baby quilts that seem to be never ending. I'm getting there. The toaster quilt is to help use up my stash and trading fabrics with others that are doing the same quilt.

Until the next time, happy quilting!


Zany Quilter said...

Yep, I bet she turns out just like you!! Post pics of your stash so Rebecca can see... ;-)

Julie said...

nice to get a peek of what you have been working on!