Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hey, how do you like my new logo header? It is on my sewing room wall and I finally got it from my wall to my blog. First 2013 goal accomplished!

Dancing Stars

I would show you my progress on Dancing Stars but all the pieces are at the shop because I didn't want to haul my sewing home just to take it back tomorrow for another fun-filled day.

FREE SHIPPING on "Mini" Car Duffles

I have a few Mini duffles left, however the three bags in the photo are sold. Each bag is one-of-a-kind made out of 100% cotton. Each duffle is heavily padded with a bright accent color to complement the uber-cool  "Mini" car patterned fabric.  Bags include a heavily padded shoulder strap for your comfort and durability. They stand about 30" tall, great for hauling all your stuff. Perfect gift for that special hard-to-buy-for guy.  If you are interested in buying one email me for photos and information. These were very popular at  the 2012 AMVIV ,(A Mini Vacation in Vegas) so get yours now. Free shipping to my blog followers. Email me at:

Happy days are here!

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Zany Quilter said...

Love the new banner...did you do it yourself?? And your mini bags look great! I hope you get a few sold...