Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

What a wonderful Mother's Day this is! First, I work my Sunday shift at my LQS and have lots of fun with my coworker and some out of town customers. We actually had more customers than either of us expected since it is Mother's Day. I had an unexpected dinner invitation from my daughter and her husband to my very favorite restaurant, Roys, Hawaiian fusion cuisine. Not sure what that is but their food is to die for including their chocolate souffle. My fun continues as I'm off to my son and DIL house in Fort Collins on Wednesday for 6 days. 

As far as quilting goes I am busy working on my trip around the world play mats for the latest grand babies born to my friends. I only have furry grand babies of my own!

Trip around the world class.  may 2013

May 2013
Mine is the one in the middle with the red stripe going down the center. My blocks are all literally scraps but they will all have a red strip in the middle for continuity. I love the pink, red and aqua one in the top picture. That one belongs to Zany Quilter. It is so organized and sweet. Check our her blocks. There is another one I love in monochromatic lime. Maybe my next one will be somewhat organized, some how! I will let you know the minute I am organized in anything. 

Until then sew happy.


Julie said...

You have made good progress so far! Enjoy CO.

jan said...

Love the scrappy trips! Ironically, I have been in Fort Collins since Friday, but leaving tomorrow! Too bad we won't overlap!