Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Adventures

My Mother's Day trip to Colorado was so much fun. The weather was 20 degrees cooler than Las Vegas and I met my new grand baby. She is as cute as she can be and just as sweet. Oh, and the kids are great too!

Vesper May 2013
She is a Great Dane puppy that will end up about 150 pounds in a couple of years!

Vesper - 14 weeks old  43 pounds
She is as gentle as her breed describes. She has the biggest feet I have ever seen on a dog. Now, I have another grand baby that is an 85 pound Rottweiler so I am used to big dogs with big feet but...  

May 2013
Here is the drip watering system I helped my son put together for his veggie garden. In the foreground you can see my knitting project I worked on on the patio in the cool weather with a gentle breeze. I spent more time outside than I did in the house I think. 

Hanging basket - fuchsias 

These peonies are lining both sides of my son and DIL's new house. They are huge and I can't wait to see pictures of them blooming. I thought these were going to explode while I was there but no such luck.

Two days after I returned home I went on a 4 day retreat on the other side of town. It was a 30 minute drive home so we had a sleepover for 3 nights! It was a blast. Lots of sewing, eating, laughing, knitting and learning to play Mindcraft on the Xbox, being taught by a 7 year old. He was really patient and gave me lots of help without any 'old' comments when I couldn't remember what button did what!

My friend did the quilting on my Lighting quilt. She also zigzagged some gold cording down in the shape of a sun which is hard to see in this photo.

Lighting - quilted May 2013
Every section is quilted in a different way. I will take a more detailed shot after I get the binding on.

Lighting - detail
Now on to the Tuesday group. I keep a clear bucket on my cutting table I put scraps in when cutting. One of the ladies was talking about having no scraps so I brought her a full bucket. She took them home and made these. These are probably 10" blocks!  

Improve blocks
This belongs to the the lady that made me the tree, the quilter and the knitter. This is silk that was given to her by a dear friend that she is knitting into a scarf. It is so soft and beautiful I could hardly leave it alone. The colors so saturated. Pretty much like the photo.

Silk detail
Now that I am caught up on my adventures I will have the projects I have been working on ready for the next post. Let's see, there are the dish cloths, hexagons and the white squares with colored corners.

Until next time sew happy!

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jan said...

Peonies are some of my favorites! They are just blooming here, but we have had lots of rain, so they are pretty soggy!

That puppy is a cutie! My sister's neighbors have 4 Great Danes! They travel in a horse trailer!

Love the improve blocks! Very inspiring!