Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Colorado Trip

I have been on a few great adventures since I posted last. I lost my camera so I had to wait until I got a new one. 

I went to Colorado the beginning of April to visit the kids, my grand dog and grand kitties. The kitties aren't around much when Vesper is in the community area. 

Vesper April 2014
Vesper is so big she has her own couch! At 120 pounds I don't think she has reached her full potential. Love moms choice for her blanket.

Vesper on her couch April 2014
I tasted my first Irish Car Bomb drink on that trip. It was so tasty I got the recipe just in case I wanted that same yummy feeling in my tummy in my future!

Irish Car Bomb
In case you want to give it a try, pour 1/2 pint Guinness in a pint glass. Fill your shot glass half with Baileys and half with Jameson Irish Whiskey. I don't like whiskey but I liked all the rest so I trusted my son and DIL not to lead me down a dark and tasteless path. Next, tilt your glass and slowly slide your shot glass inside. Now, without stopping, chug the entire drink being careful not to bang the shot glass on your nose as you drain the glass. Sit back and enjoy the warm caramel comfort. Caution...they are mighty good so don't enjoy too many of those warm caramel comforts.

I also enjoyed tasting a few of the beers at the local brewing company. I'm going with the beer for the hot summer months. I never knew there were so many tasty beers.

On to other joys of that trip.

Alan with torch!

With torch in hand, Alan does his part for the baby shower cupcakes that DIL made.

They tasted like s'mores too. Very clever trick to know when making s'mores cupcakes. Alan just likes to play with fire!

Yellow cake decorated cupcakes.
The baby shower had a woodland theme so these were perfect for the occasion. The display was ingenuous. I helped Alan cut these real tree stumps. They were still damp!

G & C baby shower. April 2014
I cut and hemmed the new curtains for their living room. My DIL had a great idea to use a pipe and pipe fixtures to hang these. They look great opened or closed.

New curtains April 2014. 
Blogland says this is enough for one post! I just returned from my 3 and a half week trip to California to babysit my Dads cat and house. Remember when Carolyn and I did that in September 2013? Stay tuned!

Sew happy to be back! 

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Hattie said...

Looks like a lotta fun. Alcohol, sugar, torches, fabric . . .hmmm. Sounds like a fire to me!