Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another California Adventure

Now for the 3 and a half week sewing retreat that any sewer would give up almost anything for. Carolyn and I went to California last September to cat and house sit while my dad drove to the east coast. This time he drove to Florida for a scale convention, then went all the way to Connecticut to see my sister with plenty of visits on his drive up. Did I tell you about my dads scale collection? More on that later. 

My car was so heavy because it was filled with so much sewing stuff I could feel the difference driving over the passes. A person doesn't want to get bored with only a project or two at hand. Yes, I was the one with too many projects.

California May 2014

I absolutely love this fabric, so I took it along with great ideas floating around in my head. The problem was I didn't like my first or second idea. I ended up sewing and cutting and sewing and cutting. I do love the end results.

Collage fabrics  California  May 2014

This was the first four days. I will take a better picture after I quilt it. Yes, I will be doing it myself as it is somewhat bigger than a baby size. I have no idea what size it is!

Sammy at 16 pounds May 2014

Before I get too far into this, meet Sammy. She is a two year old Turkish Van and weighs in at 16 pounds. She is one solid cat! Not a lap cat and just starting to figure out she almost likes to be pet. Don't try to pick her up as you may be missing a finger or two. I was in charge of getting her to the groomer for her annual shave job and let me tell you that was no easy task. It took me an hour to catch her and with Carolyn holding the carrier and me trying to shove her in all the while smashing her to the floor telling her to get in the box. I thought Carolyn was going to tell me she wanted to go home and charge me with cat abuse. It was not a fun morning but I picked her up two hours later, happy as she could be, styling her new do. The pounds of hair swept up at the groomers was enough to stuff a large pillow! Moving on...

Our sewing area. May 2014

Dads house May 2014

Notice our wonderful cutting area at the bar. This must have been in the beginning of our trip as the area is too clean and organized. Did I mention my Dad collects scales? There are a few around. That is his passion like sewing is mine. And you wondered where I got my hording tendencies!

Project bags May 2014

My sister came for a visit in the middle of our stay so I made her and my niece project bags. The birds are part of the Collage fabrics and the yellow one is an old Jane Sassman fabric. My niece crochets so maybe she will use it for her projects. They are about 15" square. 

Sammy  May 2014

Did I mention Dad's scale collection? Here are a few more! And Sammy, asleep again.

BIG yo-yo's California May 2014
Carolyn bought one of the big blue yo-yo makers and I had to try it out. The addiction started again! I had brought the fabrics I wanted to use in my project from home so I was ready for some night time hand sewing. You can only get 16 of these babies out of one yard of fabric. I used 9" squares so I wouldn't have to fuss with them too much. 

Started May 2014

I am sewing together 9 yo-yo's and it makes a 10" square. I will do 7 sections across and maybe 8 down. I need 504 and I am half way there! Making the yo-yo's that is. 

Sammy May 2014

One last picture of Miss Sammy taking her bath and drinking water before bed. I do miss her but she is glad to have her daddy home again.

We were barely able to get all our stuff in the car for the trip home. We did go on a couple of F.A.R.T.'s (fabric acquisition road trips). Maybe that's why...  It was a great time. Thanks Carolyn.


hwilcox said...

I really like the plum and lime thing with the polka-dot border. Looks 1950s retro.

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