Friday, April 7, 2017

I know it has been almost three years since I posted, but life got in the way, big time. Some good, some not so good. Move out, divorce, buy a new house, move again, My dad gets sick, Dad passes and we are to the present.

The dining room of my new house is set up for about 7 sewers at a time. Sharon's Sweatshop Group meets every Saturday and we sew late into the night. I am finding lots of unfinished projects that I'm finishing to make room for organization of my new house.

Tula Pink and me on a quilting cruise 2015
I saw an ad about a cruise with Tula Pink as an instructor so I signed up! Never been on a cruise before and I was doing all kinds of firsts, so why not a cruise! That was super fun. The quilt I attempted in her class was ugly but I started cutting it up and sewing it back together and it was much better. I have not run into that project yet, yes I am still unpacking, yes I know it has been almost a year but...

French Roses in a Kate Spain line.
This is a start on blogging again, I have lots more to show but getting my pictures from phone to computer, making a wall to photograph finished projects is my challenge right now along with taxes and escrow papers on Dad's property. Life does not stop because you want to sew!

Happy Quilting!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Welcome back, it will be fun to watch you finish your UFOs.

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