Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

The holiday season is upon us again. No big tree for the first time ever. I came home from Connecticut and by the time I could get it up it would be time to take it down. Last year I didn't get the tree down until April! My son-in-law was ready to built an outdoor storage where he would cut a large hole in the living room wall, put the tree on rollers and roll it into it's own storage area fully decorated. It was a joke at the time.... We do have little teeny trees.

Tree for 2012

 It plugs into the USB port of your computer. I have this one next to my computer. It lights up when I turn my computer on.

Tree for 2012

This is Husbands tree by his computer. This one changes colors. It is tiny.

I worked on my MQG exchange today. I still have more to do to complete this project. I want to share but I'm too afraid my partner will see.

The Mini Club Holiday party is tomorrow night. I will see my big girl twins and I am so excited.

Have a great holiday, and if time allows, quilt happy.


Zany Quilter said...

Yes, I am watching for pics....I'm waiting to post pics of yours as well, as soon as I have it done!

Cola said...

I have your tree! So does Jason! I love Target!