Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bitty Boxy Bags

I was supposed to be getting some fabric cut and I strayed off into bitty boxy bags!

Feb. 2013
Another photo in the bushes. They are so little I didn't see the little twig on the right until I opened it here. I don't mind the twig. They are tiny and fun. Just perfect for lipstick.

Sparky's girlfriend. Feb 2013

Here is my cat Sparky's only cat friend since our old cat died. She and her mom come by multiple times daily to visit Sparky. They play by the window since Sparky is an indoor cat. He doesn't like the way I talk to her and sometimes refuses to go to the window and say hi and play. She is afraid of me so I can only see her from afar. She and Mom cat have the most beautiful blue eyes. She is very cross-eyed and I'm not sure how well she sees. She's a cutie though.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day.


jan said...

Cute boxies! Without the lipstick for scale I would not have guessed they were so petite! I had a blue eyed Siamese cat that was very cross eyed when I was a kid. She saw well enough to catch birds! That kitty looks like it could have some Siamese heritage!

Staci said...

What darling little bags! I've got to try something like this one of these days.