Monday, April 15, 2013

Sew Happy

My three day sewing adventure was like participating in a marathon without training for it! I had not done any sewing for over a month and I didn't realize you can loose your stamina. Well, I won't let that happen again. 

I was excited about all the hexagon designs I have been seeing on the internet and around town so I figured I would start there.

Hexagon April 2013

I need to learn how to do Y seams to sew the rows together on this one. After starting  it looks like I need more of a variety of fabrics. Could I possibly find something in my stash? Ya think?

French Roses April 2013

This is an old pattern in new fabrics. It is a raw edge design that is very fun. I used freezer paper to cut the shapes and a 1/4" seam around to sew them down. After washing they will get all soft and ragged around the edges. I have only done one other raw edge quilt and I love the added texture the raw edge adds. I did finish this one and will post a picture when hubby comes home to hold it up.

Loose Ends

This is a quilt that one of the other girls finished that I love. It was done in shadow play fabrics. The depth that those fabrics create gives this quilt an added dimension that I'm not sure it would have had using pure solid fabrics. Great quilt.

Bernie worked great with her new hook but I did miss Juki and her push button thread cutting feature. A girl starts to depend on those small but special features. Now if only the bobbin would never run out!

Make time for your sewing therapy. It's cheaper than a psychiatrist. Well maybe!


Julie said...

ooooh! Loose Ends is fabulous!

jan said...

I love the hexies, too, but I haven't tried to sew them yet. I think the roses look very fun! Can't wait to see them!