Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fear of the Unknown

You know how you put off things that you have never done before because you are imagining your task to be harder than it really is? I have never quilted a large quilt on my Juki before. I have committed four quilts to charity so I finished the top to the first one on Tuesday. As it turned out it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I spray basted it because I have a fear of tucks while quilting. It was a simple design of straight lines but there were no tucks or puckers!

Quilting on the Juki  April 2012

It took me all morning to get the backing ready, cut the batting, layer it and get it spray basted. Now all I have to do is trim and bind it with the purple. They all have to be done and mailed by the end of May. One down 3 to go! I work best under pressure.

Charity quilt #1  April 2012

Here is what I was doing while I was working up the courage to quilt.

Earbud holders  March 2012
They are so fun. Some turned out rounder than others. They can be used as coin purses that can be attached to anything because of the key ring on the end.


Zany Quilter said...

Nice quilting...isn't it satisfying to do a whole quilt on your own from start to finish?? And the juki is so smooth....I love quilting on it!!

Hattie Wilcox said...

Charity quilts, bravo. The round pouches are wonderful, great choice of prints.

Cola said...

See it was easy! :) The quilting looks great!

Sue Daurio said...

4 quilts wow, that is fantastic! The first one is really sweet!!

KatieQ said...

I love the bright colors in your quilt. The purple really makes everything pop.
The ear buds look great.

Kat said...

So beautiful. I just love the colors and the bright fabrics. I can't wait to see the other 3!

I am always getting my ear buds tangled. I might have to make a little case for them. I thought "ladybugs" as soon as I saw the round shape. Very cute!

Kathy said...

I love your bright quilt! Congratulations on getting the first one quilted already.