Monday, April 9, 2012

Fruits of My Labor

I have been working really hard on these quilts. All of these fabrics came from my stash with the exception of the purple and the coral. My friend Carolyn helped me out by making the guitar quilt top. I spent all day Friday quilting it on my Juki. I was very pleased with the outcome. It was pretty hard at first and I realized the table was too high. Lucky me, it was one of those tables that was adjustable and once lowered it made quilting much, much easier.

Charity quilts April 2012

The ones on the right are ready for the binding to be finished by hand. The one with the coral lines still has to be sandwiched and quilted. Amazing what can be accomplished when I'm under pressure! I looked for the top I was going to quilt out of my finished tops to add to make it four but I think I gave it away. It is not in my pile. This may be all I do for now. I will be lucky to get these finished.

Have a happy . . .   


Sue Daurio said...

What great quilts. I LOVE the fabric with the guitars, that is awesome!!

Kat said...

They look great! Made even better, of course, by the use of stash fabric! :-)