Thursday, April 26, 2012

Orange Challenge

I have been working hard on dufflebags and now I'm waiting for my labels to come to put them together. No bag is complete without a label! Duffles everywhere.

Tonight we have our orange exchange at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Oh how I've been looking forward to this. There are 14, 2 1/2" strips in one yard of fabric. Each bag contains 14 strips.  Each bag will be replaced with 14 different strips from other peoples bags. If you bring 4 bags you will take home 4 bags, which is 4 yards. I have seen two of my friends bags and none of us have the same orange fabrics. What are the chances?

MQG Orange Exchange  April 2012

With all these orange strips we do what we want and present it at the June meeting.  Should be interesting.

Until next time, sew happy!


Zany Quilter said...

Those oranges look great!! I can hardly wait to see what everyone does with their strips!!

Cola said...

I have no idea what i'm going to do with mine yet! it took me an hour last night just go go through all of them!