Monday, May 28, 2012

Bags, Bags and More Bags

I have been working hard for the past month making duffle bags out of Mini Cooper fabric to sell at the yearly gathering. Supporting a daily sewing habit can be expensive with the price of fabric going up like everything else. The event is June 14 so maybe I will be able to move on to something different after that.

Finished bags May 2012
Three finished. Not counting the ones that are already in to their new homes.

Bags needing grommets May 2012
There are about 10 more in progress that aren't yet to the grommet stage. Two of these sold after I took the picture! They are all one of a kind as I will not use the same accent fabric twice. Last night I gathered about 8 more fabrics for additional bags. 

I'm so lucky to have a dear friend helping me as I would not be this far in my adventure. We meet at one of our local shops so we can spread out on to the classroom tables. The distractions at home (the cats and my good book that I'm reading) lead to not getting as much done in the same time period. 

Duffle ties yet to be installed. May 2012
As you can see I have my days work cut out for me. Better get started.

My orange challenge is still waiting for my attention. I've had lots of time to figure out what to do with all that orange!


Julie said...

busy busy! Hope your event goes well!

Cola said...

You're crazy with the quantity of bags you're making!

Keep me posted how the sales go!