Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Blog Award!

How surprised was I when I found this notice in my email! Thank you so much Staci at The Confused Quilter. I think it is a very nice way to get new blogs connected.

I am new at blogging and have never seen this award go around so I think it's fun. 

Learning I had to write 7 things about myself was a little scary at first but here goes.

1. I was born in North Carolina and lived there until we moved to Hawaii when I was 13 years old. Culture shock plus!

2. I am a nurse by trade and my favorite area of nursing was rehab. Little did I know I would be needing rehab myself years later.

3. I am an above the knee amputee due to the same bone cancer that Ted Kennedy Jr had at 11 years old. I was 28. I wouldn't change a thing.

4. I love to read.

5. I'm very stubborn - just ask my husband!

6. I have two grown children. 

7. I've been married for 33 year and we LOVE a good laugh. Sorry, that was two. So I did 8. Just don't tell the blog police.

I would like to pass this award on to some people that have been at this awhile and some that have not. It would be great if you visit some of these and leave a comment. I have found some wonderful things on these sites.

Until next time, happy surfing.


Sharon Pernes said...

Wow Sharon, I am so excited and honored to be on your list today. I sure will pass this along by doing a post on my blog!

Leanne said...

Thank you for including my blog in your list, I appreciate the support.