Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Score

I found some old cardboard cigar boxes in the garage left over from my fused glass days. I brought them in to see if I could store small projects in them. They stacked nicely and looked very tidy on the shelf. They worked well and I remembered my friends husband smoked cigars. When I asked if she had any boxes she laughed and laughed. This friend is a self proclaimed hoarder of many things, including cigar boxes. No, her house doesn't look like the real hoarders on the TV! They were nicely packed into a big box in the garage. To throw away something this nice and useful would be a crime, even though you don't know exactly what you would use them for. I had no idea they were nice wooden boxes with latches and cool labels on them. 

This label is made of a very thin metal. The detail is incredible. Cigars must be expensive when they come in boxes this nice. It will be so much fun using these for project storage. 

Have a great Sunday and keep enjoying what you do, or is it keep doing what you enjoy.

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Janine said...

These boxes are wonderful! I've never seen anything like them before and they'll make wonderful storage. I'm very tempted to start buying cigars now (although I'm not planning to start smoking them!). I hope you have a lovely time arranging your things inside :)