Monday, June 20, 2011

Endless Designs

The designs seem endless using half square triangles. I have never worked on a large scale using HST. As I trim the squares down to 4 1/2" I started yet another design. I'm thinking I like this one. Since I am going to make these for the twins I can make one zigzag going across and the other one going down. They will be the same, but different. 

The girls don't need quilts this time of year but this way I can make sure they are finished by the time they do need them. Here are the girls in a recent photo at two and a half.

They are such a joy to be around with their never ending questions and their great sense of humor. I won't be getting much sewing done this weekend as the girls mom is off to a conference and Dad needs all the help he can get. I always come away from them with a heart full of love and a smile that lasts for days. I better get to sewing while I can! 



Zany Quilter said...

I like the zig zag! Nice work....

Hattie said...

Boy, have they . . . I mean, Girl, have they grown!