Friday, June 17, 2011

Orange & Pink

As I progress with my HST sewing, cutting, and pressing I am wondering if another layout would be better for my very bold orange and pinks. The one on the left seems mellower but is it boring? Maybe hard to tell with so few squares. Would love to hear your opinion, if you have one. Do you see the boo boo in the layout on the left?


Zany Quilter said...

I see the boo boo....I know what you mean about the left one. There is another layout She does lots of different type of value quilts...looks good so far!

randi said...

i like the one on the left. it splits up the reds/oranges and makes the other colors pop. either way is good, really. :)

Sharon M said...

Hi Randi - I was with you until I found the zigzag design. Since I am going to make two the zigzags can go in different directions. I know, it's still pretty bold. The girls won't mind!